What’s Your Favorite Season?

That question came up the other day during a conversation I was having with my six-year-old nephew who was wet, sandy, and tired in the back seat of my car. He’s a Colington kid, which means that [...]

Making a Sand Investment

A major beach nourishment project that will pump about four million cubic yards of sand onto the beaches of the northern Outer Banks will get underway this spring. The project encompasses [...]

Bucket Lists of the Banks

Whether you are a tourist who has just unpacked your bags and is ready for an epic week at the beach, or someone who grew up with sand between your toes and think you’ve seen (and done) it all, [...]

Winter on the Outer Banks

This is the seventeenth winter I’ve spent on the Outer Banks. I recall that first one being particularly brutal as my psyche struggled to adjust to life on what, at the time, felt like the [...]

Buried in Time

The barely discernible path veers off the dirt road in Nags Head Woods, up along a high ridge. Felled trees and heavy underbrush often block the trail, forcing hikers to search for signs of foot [...]

It’s Turtle Season

With record number of sea turtle nesting this year, please be mindful and respectful of their locations. It is mostly common sense and “wildlife courtesy,” but these 5 Ls sum up much [...]