GEM Offers A Little Harmony

“No one prepares you for this – being a caregiver,” says Noel Preston. Preston’s wife, Susan, was diagnosed with dementia in 2011 and is now undergoing treatment at John Hopkins Medical [...]

Be Resolute

There are two things that rank high on my list of things I dread about the holidays. One is dragging that bare, parched tree out of the house as it leaves a massive amount of pine needles in its [...]

Tough Boot Camps – Tight Friends

The cold December wind whips up against houses, the chilling rain patters on rooftops at 5 a.m., and most of the Outer Banks is still warm and snug under blankets. But that’s not the case for a [...]

The Streak

You can talk to 100 runners, and get 100 different reasons as to why they run and why they set goals and challenges for themselves. But for new-to-Manteo resident Evan Fiedler, he took the word [...]

Medicine on the Move

Known as the Health Coach, every inch of this 39-foot vehicle’s interior space is maximized to allow thorough, efficient medical screenings. There are stations for each test, an examination [...]

The Healing Power of Horses

Catherine Kozak Catherine Kozak has worked as a writer and reporter on the Outer Banks since 1995. She lives in Nags Head and enjoys running in the woods with her dog, Rosie.

Where Am I

It’s summer and we’re feeling playful. So how about a game of “Where Am I?” But we have added a twist. …and a stretch … and maybe a forward fold with a handstand or two? Susan Krause, the [...]

Aging in Place

When Don Bowers’ 82-year-old mother fell and broke her leg for the second time in two years, Bowers realized that it was time to retrofit her Buxton house so she could stay at her home and still [...]