Harvesting the Wind

The turbines on the windmills of Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East had barely started turning when controversy surfaced about whether the project should continue. After nearly eight years of planning, [...]

Remembering the Lost Colony

If you’re lucky enough to have seen The Lost Colony at least once, chances are you have some memory of the first time you experienced the show – whether you happened to be five years old at the [...]

What’s Your Favorite Season?

That question came up the other day during a conversation I was having with my six-year-old nephew who was wet, sandy, and tired in the back seat of my car. He’s a Colington kid, which means that [...]

The Ripple Effects of Kindness

“Pay it Forward”…”Random Acts of Kindness” Recently, those phrases are familiar buzzwords. Hollywood has touted paying it forward with A-list actors Helen Hunt and [...]

She is the Egg Mom

Evelyn Rollason slips on her colorful chicken boots and heads to the henhouse with a wire basket and a container full of salad scraps tucked under her arm. Her babies, as she likes to call them, [...]

Finding Beauty in the Woods

Just minutes from the busy beach towns of the Outer Banks lies a wilderness that is cherished among locals and revered by visitors. This is Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve, where the only [...]

Raising Bees by the Sea

Beekeepers come from all walks of life. They are coaches, teachers, artists. It doesn’t really matter what their profession is – the bees call to them, drawing them into their sweet world in the [...]

Making a Sand Investment

A major beach nourishment project that will pump about four million cubic yards of sand onto the beaches of the northern Outer Banks will get underway this spring. The project encompasses [...]

Bucket Lists of the Banks

Whether you are a tourist who has just unpacked your bags and is ready for an epic week at the beach, or someone who grew up with sand between your toes and think you’ve seen (and done) it all, [...]