50 Years of ESA

Surfing is once again a trendy thing that even the city kids want to learn. But it’s been a way of life on the Outer Banks for many decades, and the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) has been a [...]

Young Gun on the Links

One of the area’s most notable golfers wants you to know that he’s the second-fastest kid at his school and that he has received only one grade below an A on his report cards in the past year and [...]

Tough Boot Camps – Tight Friends

The cold December wind whips up against houses, the chilling rain patters on rooftops at 5 a.m., and most of the Outer Banks is still warm and snug under blankets. But that’s not the case for a [...]

The Streak

You can talk to 100 runners, and get 100 different reasons as to why they run and why they set goals and challenges for themselves. But for new-to-Manteo resident Evan Fiedler, he took the word [...]

Campers Catch a Wave

This summer marked the third year that two local businessmen have been able to bring the gift of surfing to a group of kids who may otherwise never have experienced the joy of catching a wave. [...]

Traveling with the Team

A glimpse at just a few of the best tailgate parties hosted by Outer Banks residents! Walking around a tailgate party is that chance to go back. The sheer fun of being on a campus without the [...]

The Devil’s Derby

The Women of the Kill Devil Hills Roller Derby Brigade Colington resident Tanya Hill was feeding turtles with her kids at Aviation Park when she happened to look over at the hockey rink. “I saw [...]