OBX Milestones – Spring 2014

Kitty Hawk Kites – 40 Years. We defy you to write something about kite flying or hang gliding on Jockey’s Ridge without mentioning Kitty Hawk Kites or its owner, John Harris. They are [...]

The Stinson Ranch

Our 2010 cover photo captures the “Stinson’s Ranch” before 2011’s Hurricane Irene swept the home and its contents away – leaving only wooden pilings and staircase leading down to the water. [...]

Lessons from the Unpainted Aristocracy

The mystique that is Nags Head is in so many ways embodied in the old weathered cottages that line the oceanfront across from Jockey’s Ridge. There’s an appealing simplicity in the wooden frame [...]

Roy Murray – OBX Music Legend

Meaghan BeasleyMeaghan Beasley has lived on the Outer Banks over 14 years; although not a local herself, she married one and finds herself completely at home here among the water and dunes. A [...]

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Imagine you are heading home in your car to Hatteras Island after a long day in Virginia. You have spent all morning taking your elderly mother to various doctors, and both of you are anxious and [...]

Know Your Location When Calling 9-1-1

In a nutshell…. In addition to specific township names, the location identifiers that 911 personnel need most are: 1. house address numbers 2. street names 3. intersecting street names 4. beach [...]

Tips to Secure Your Home

The police are trying to prevent as much as they possibly can but they cannot do it alone. It’s much easier and more economical to prevent a crime than it is to investigate and solve a crime. [...]

Seeds of Change

As community gardens sprout up along the barrier islands of the Outer Banks, it is no small feat for gardeners to keep these plots of land thriving, and no matter how green your thumb may be, it [...]

Home Safe Home

The communities on the Outer Banks remain a safe place to live and vacation; however, occasional criminal activity and break-ins do happen. Local police deal with different levels of [...]

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