Rosie’s Seafood Chowder

Rosie HawthorneRosie Hawthorne is a blogger, gardener, wanderluster, and mother of three.  She learned to cook by watching Julia Child every Saturday afternoon on her 11-inch black and white TV [...]

Buried in Time

The barely discernible path veers off the dirt road in Nags Head Woods, up along a high ridge. Felled trees and heavy underbrush often block the trail, forcing hikers to search for signs of foot [...]

Reaching Out With Caring Hands

I will show you my faith by my works. John 2:18 Most people see retirement on the Outer Banks as an opportunity to brush up on their golf skills or spend leisurely days on the beach reading [...]

Friends or Foes?

Ghost tours, haunted houses, and newer attractions like PsychoPath flourish in an area rich with history — as if thousands of boats and an entire colony disappearing wasn’t enough!