Lionfish: Intruders Of The Deep

As Marc Corbett worked his way down to the E.M. Clark shipwreck off Cape Hatteras with the dive anchor, he spotted the perfect place to escort the other divers on his charter. He reached for a [...]

Lionfish Is On The Menu

With their venomous spines and distinctive zebra-like stripes, the lionfish may not be the first type of fish many think of when planning their menu. In fact, the invasive species to the Atlantic [...]

OBX Earth Day Celebration

It’s more about the blue than it is the green. Earth Day is the largest environmental movement in the world and is being celebrated this Sunday, April 22nd. It began in the 1970’s and is [...]

Pick A Straw…But Not Just ANY Straw

A random fistful of straws handed out at a drive-thru A straw placed in every drink and water glass at a restaurant Extra straws added to the carryout bag ‘just in case’ All are gestures [...]

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