OBX Attracts Vibrant Artistic Community

This holiday season we are all looking for that perfect gift. You know, something out of the ordinary. Fortunately for us, there are obx artists all up and down the Outer Banks that specialize in [...]

Harvesting the Wind

The turbines on the windmills of Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East had barely started turning when controversy surfaced about whether the project should continue. After nearly eight years of planning, [...]

The Original Showboat

Residents of small towns along Mid-Atlantic waterways excitedly ran to the dock when the massive two story James Adams Floating Theater slowly glided into view behind its two tug boats. This was [...]

The Restoration of a Rosenwald School

This dilapidated, four-room schoolhouse currently sits by the road at on Caratoke Highway in Coinjock and hardly looks like the historic structure that it is. Owner, Paul Robinson, has purchased [...]

Farmhouse Revival

The former home of Edmund McHorney, Jr. probably would have been torn down as Currituck County worked to clear away old abandoned buildings, if Reeves Manning hadn’t put it on the North Carolina [...]

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