The Reinvention of the Library

Let’s start by dispelling the notion that public libraries are about dusty books and shushing, cardigan-clad librarians.  Fact is, the library has boldly embraced innovations in this [...]

Unplug: Disconnect to Reconnect

Several years ago, I harbored some pretty dark fantasies regarding my young son’s cell phone. His text messaging was out of control. I considered placing his phone in the path of a stampeding [...]

An Art Evolution

Tucked into the Pirate’s Quay Shopping Center in Nags Head is Cloud Nine, a magical place brimming with a kaleidoscope of beads, baubles, and glass pieces tumbled smooth by the sea. It’s a [...]

Medicine on the Move

Known as the Health Coach, every inch of this 39-foot vehicle’s interior space is maximized to allow thorough, efficient medical screenings. There are stations for each test, an examination [...]

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