Exceeding The Code in Coastal Style

When it comes to new development, it is easy to dwell on the sort of construction we do not want, but how about paying attention to what we do want? The ‘power of the positive’ if you [...]

Paws vs. Claws

My Outer Banks Home decided to find out if our residents preferred cats or dogs. Read on for a (very unscientific) survey of the Outer Banks in the Paws vs. Claws. 

Pick A Straw…But Not Just ANY Straw

A random fistful of straws handed out at a drive-thru A straw placed in every drink and water glass at a restaurant Extra straws added to the carryout bag ‘just in case’ All are gestures [...]

An Outer Banks Wedding

A destination wedding on the Outer Banks allows couples to celebrate their own personal style, ease family stress, and take a vacation all at the same time.

The Ripple Effects of Kindness

“Pay it Forward”…”Random Acts of Kindness” Recently, those phrases are familiar buzzwords. Hollywood has touted paying it forward with A-list actors Helen Hunt and [...]

Cult Plates

What will it be this time… the bypass or the beach road? There are not many routes to pick from. And, there are only so many trips you can take up and down the beach before you calculate that [...]

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