Raising Bees by the Sea

Beekeepers come from all walks of life. They are coaches, teachers, artists. It doesn’t really matter what their profession is – the bees call to them, drawing them into their sweet world in the [...]

A Festival of Flight: Wings Over Water

When Kenn Kaufman first visited the Outer Banks in 1973, he and a friend hitchhiked to get here, hoping to spot some rare birds that had been reported in the area. He was 19 at the time, but the [...]

Fins Up!

A day on the water with Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research On a sunny, breezy day toward the end of May, a pontoon boat bounces across the whitecaps on the Roanoke Sound, heading south from [...]

Species Spotlight: Turtles

May 23 is World Turtle Day, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about some of the awesome reptiles that call eastern North Carolina home? Everyone is probably familiar with the [...]

Gas Up With Goat Goat

White’s gas station at the foot of the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge in Manns Harbor may look like your run-of-the-mill pit stop. It has all the makings: gas, snacks, drinks, and even some [...]