An Art Evolution

Tucked into the Pirate’s Quay Shopping Center in Nags Head is Cloud Nine, a magical place brimming with a kaleidoscope of beads, baubles, and glass pieces tumbled smooth by the sea. It’s a [...]

Buried in Time

The barely discernible path veers off the dirt road in Nags Head Woods, up along a high ridge. Felled trees and heavy underbrush often block the trail, forcing hikers to search for signs of foot [...]

Friends or Foes?

Ghost tours, haunted houses, and newer attractions like PsychoPath flourish in an area rich with history — as if thousands of boats and an entire colony disappearing wasn’t enough!

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Blackbeard’s Crew is a nonprofit dedicated to historical preservation, a relatively dry description that could apply to many organizations. However, most other nonprofits dedicated to historical [...]

Living History: Bill Harris

Local icon, Bill Harris, reflects on his collection of memories and other research that adds to a multigenerational story about Kitty Hawk Village – an overarching narrative that includes the way [...]

Around and Around We Go: Dowdy Park

When Erin Walters was a toddler, she would stand on the back of the sofa in her living room and look across the highway at Dowdy’s Amusement Park. “I remember she would just keep saying ‘wheel, [...]

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