Grandy Solar Farm Nears Completion

When Currituck County’s Grandy solar farm goes on-line this fall (its third), it will generate 18 megawatts of electricity on the 118-acre parcel in Grandy, and will bring a four-year permitting [...]

The BIG Spring Cleanup

Yes, it is that time of year (again). It’s time to focus on your homes and yards to get them back up to shipshape for the new year.

Exceeding The Code in Coastal Style

When it comes to new development, it is easy to dwell on the sort of construction we do not want, but how about paying attention to what we do want? The ‘power of the positive’ if you [...]

All Tricked Out

When guests go on vacation, they expect to be transported to a place of escape, wonderment, or simply to a refuge of peace and relaxation. While we are lucky enough to live in an area that offers [...]

Downsizing with Charm

Whether by downsizing current homes, transforming small spaces into quaint, single-room rentals, or building modest homes with a rustic feel, many homeowners are cutting back on space while [...]

Lessons from the Unpainted Aristocracy

The mystique that is Nags Head is in so many ways embodied in the old weathered cottages that line the oceanfront across from Jockey’s Ridge. There’s an appealing simplicity in the wooden frame [...]

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