The Reinvention of the Library

Let’s start by dispelling the notion that public libraries are about dusty books and shushing, cardigan-clad librarians.  Fact is, the library has boldly embraced innovations in this [...]

Local Efforts Inspire Young Musicians

On an early October evening in a makeshift Kitty Hawk second-floor studio, tenor saxophonist Alexandra Byers and four of her band mates work through their versions of the jazz standard [...]

Healthy Meals for Strong Minds

More than a decade ago, Southern Shores residents Helen Ford and Ed Hazlett began discussing ways they could help the Outer Banks community. Inspired by an after-school program they read about in [...]

Coastal Classroom

Walk into the Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) campus on any given day in April and chances are you will find students from across Northeastern North Carolina studying power potential, creating [...]

Odyssey Of The Mind

Q: What international competition tests the mental mettle of Dare County students with other students from such far-flung countries as Singapore, Switzerland, and Togo? A: [...]

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