On Vacation? Time To Volunteer!

You work hard all year. You look forward to your week at the beach. If you’re lucky, maybe two. You save for it. You spend countless hours planning your trip, deciding what activities you’ll do. [...]

Go Meatless on Mondays

Concern for animal welfare is just one of the many reason to go vegetarian. It turns out it can be better for your health, better for the economy, and might even save the planet. According to [...]

GEM Offers A Little Harmony

“No one prepares you for this – being a caregiver,” says Noel Preston. Preston’s wife, Susan, was diagnosed with dementia in 2011 and is now undergoing treatment at John Hopkins Medical [...]

Healthy Meals for Strong Minds

More than a decade ago, Southern Shores residents Helen Ford and Ed Hazlett began discussing ways they could help the Outer Banks community. Inspired by an after-school program they read about in [...]

Reaching Out With Caring Hands

I will show you my faith by my works. John 2:18 Most people see retirement on the Outer Banks as an opportunity to brush up on their golf skills or spend leisurely days on the beach reading [...]

The Thing with Feathers

“Hope is the thing with feathers,” as poet Emily Dickinson famously wrote more than a century and a half ago.  It’s a deceptively simple line that likely resonates strongly with the untold [...]

Doing Business with Heart

How often during this time of year is one reminded of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and that most miserly of characters, Ebenezer Scrooge?  When asked how much he will give for a [...]

Campers Catch a Wave

This summer marked the third year that two local businessmen have been able to bring the gift of surfing to a group of kids who may otherwise never have experienced the joy of catching a wave. [...]

Wags & Whiskers 2015

Peace. Love. and Rescue. It’s a fitting theme for this year’s Wags & Whiskers Gala, an annual event that celebrates the gift of animals in our lives and raises money for organizations that care [...]

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