REAL ID: What You Need To Know

Thanks to the 2005 Federal Real ID Act, you’ll probably want a Real ID if you plan to fly or enter federal facilities like courthouses and military bases. The Act, which was passed as a response [...]

Drilling for Answers

As this story was going to press, news of the May 19 oil spill off the California coast was reaching Associated Press sources. Refugio State Beach shoreline (near Santa Barbara) was hit with [...]

The ABCs of ABC Laws

As of June 30, 2013, North Carolina boasted 14 distilleries, 82 breweries and 146 wineries. The N.C. distilleries alone are responsible for adding nearly 40 different products to the shelves in [...]

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Imagine you are heading home in your car to Hatteras Island after a long day in Virginia. You have spent all morning taking your elderly mother to various doctors, and both of you are anxious and [...]

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