Just The Sea, The Sand, & A Few Songs

Though each Outer Banks local is a true island dweller — connected to the North Carolina mainland by a few fleeting bridges — we aren’t necessarily “stranded.” Sure, we all have to travel [...]

Remembering the Lost Colony

If you’re lucky enough to have seen The Lost Colony at least once, chances are you have some memory of the first time you experienced the show – whether you happened to be five years old at the [...]

Bucket Lists of the Banks

Whether you are a tourist who has just unpacked your bags and is ready for an epic week at the beach, or someone who grew up with sand between your toes and think you’ve seen (and done) it all, [...]

Ten Easy Outdoor Party Ideas

The beaches are filling up, temperatures are rising, and the long lines at our favorite restaurants are starting to remind us just how lucky we are to live in a place where millions of people [...]

Around and Around We Go: Dowdy Park

When Erin Walters was a toddler, she would stand on the back of the sofa in her living room and look across the highway at Dowdy’s Amusement Park. “I remember she would just keep saying ‘wheel, [...]

The Original Showboat

Residents of small towns along Mid-Atlantic waterways excitedly ran to the dock when the massive two story James Adams Floating Theater slowly glided into view behind its two tug boats. This was [...]

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