50 Years of ESA

Surfing is once again a trendy thing that even the city kids want to learn. But it’s been a way of life on the Outer Banks for many decades, and the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) has been a [...]

Young Gun on the Links

One of the area’s most notable golfers wants you to know that he’s the second-fastest kid at his school and that he has received only one grade below an A on his report cards in the past year and [...]

Tough Boot Camps – Tight Friends

The cold December wind whips up against houses, the chilling rain patters on rooftops at 5 a.m., and most of the Outer Banks is still warm and snug under blankets. But that’s not the case for a [...]

The Streak

You can talk to 100 runners, and get 100 different reasons as to why they run and why they set goals and challenges for themselves. But for new-to-Manteo resident Evan Fiedler, he took the word [...]

Campers Catch a Wave

This summer marked the third year that two local businessmen have been able to bring the gift of surfing to a group of kids who may otherwise never have experienced the joy of catching a wave. [...]

Traveling with the Team

A glimpse at just a few of the best tailgate parties hosted by Outer Banks residents! Walking around a tailgate party is that chance to go back. The sheer fun of being on a campus without the [...]

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