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White’s gas station at the foot of the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge in Manns Harbor may look like your run-of-the-mill pit stop. It has all the makings: gas, snacks, drinks, and even some souvenirs and lunch items. But there’s one thing White’s has that other shops definitely don’t, and that is Goat Goat.

goat main smShe’s the not-so-farm-like goat who has settled in over the past year and now claims White’s and the surrounding property as her turf. It also appears that Goat Goat has made quite a name for herself along the way. Some rumors suggest that Goat Goat is running for mayor, and campaign signs and T-shirts have even popped up around town encouraging her candidacy.

After all, she has all the qualities that make a good politician.

She’s pushy. 

She’s strong-willed.

And she’s used to getting what she wants. 

She’s also quite nosy and will not hesitate to stick her nose (and horns and hooves) into other people’s business — whether it is their car while they are gassing up or their grocery bag.

White’s store manager, Wanda White, says that along with the previous character traits, Goat Goat is also very friendly and social, all the while remaining independent. When asked who owns her, White replies, “I think she just belongs to herself.” 

goat chips smAlong with knowing what she does want, Goat Goat also knows what she doesn’t, and two of the things she just won’t tolerate are rain and having her horns pulled on. If it’s raining, she will demand store time or hunker down on a neighboring porch until it passes. 

goat paying smGoat Goat first started hanging around White’s during the spring of 2014 when she would follow her canine pal, Gunner, across the highway and onto White’s property. It didn’t take her long to discover that the gas station was the perfect spot for lots of attention, love, and most importantly, food. 

It was a perfect home. That is, until she got in trouble with the law and was snatched up by the Outer Banks SPCA after complaints were filed against her. But it didn’t take long before she received a medical clearance from a local vet’s office and was returned to White’s. She’s been there ever since, and the customers, just eat her up. 

And speaking of eating, she gobbles up just about anything customers and residents are willing to give her. She’s especially fond of Funyuns and caramel chews. She has learned to sneak into the store on the sly, following closely behind customers and using her horns to keep the door open as she scoots in. She knows the busiest times of day at the store when chances are high she’ll make it inside the door. Once in, it’s hard to lure her out. 

“We usually get her out with food, like a big bag of Doritos. She is a mess,” says White. “All she wants to do is eat. Her life is food.”

goat car smThat’s pretty easy to gather from the size of her, but White says she is getting more exercise lately. Her former owner, who has moved and signed off on the rights of Goat Goat, kept her tethered on a line much of the time. 

Goat Goat has not only become somewhat of a local icon, she has also made her way into the hearts of tourists as well – that is once they get over the surprise that a goat is walking around a convenience store, snooping in their car, or trying to score a bag of chips. White says most of the customers just take photos of her and there are many times that parents wake up the kids in the back seat to show them Goat Goat. White’s periodically sells T-shirts that read “Gas Up with Goat Goat.”

“For us, she’s just part of the norm,” White says. “If we don’t see her, we are all looking for her. The locals are so used to her, they’re oblivious when they see her in the store … but I have to admit she’s a little intimidating.”

After spending a little time with Goat Goat, people quickly find she’s all heart – and quite capable of taking care of herself. ♦


Michelle Wagner

Michelle Wagner is the editor at Three Dog Ink and has been living and writing on the Outer Banks for more than 15 years. Contact Michelle

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  • Leslie

    RIP Goat Goat

  • Edward Sneed

    Guess we’ll be meeting her, hopefully, because that’s the way we’re heading in to the OBX, on the 26th. See ya, Goat Goat!

  • Ricky Allen

    Leaving the OBX at 3:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I was truly happy to meet Goat Goat. I forgot to get gas Saturday evening so it was going to be loooong trip back to GA. with my wife complaining about running out of gas in the first 10 miles. We saw the lights over the pumps, then we saw Goat Goat. The pumps were on, the door was locked, I didn’t get a receipt but did get to pet a goat. Many Thanks Goat Goat

  • Betty Oliver

    I love Goat Goat!!! I call her my girlfriend. We became a couple after I ran out of chips and she rammed me in my butt bc she wanted more.That started our love affair. I live in Edenton,Nc but travel to and from Avon at least once a week. I always stop into Whites to see my Goat Goat. Goat Goat now recognizes me. I just call for my girlfriend and a few secinds later I will see her cute face coming towards me. She will follow me to the store, wait for me to get her chips, and will even climb into my jeep to snatch up her chips out my lap. When she no longer wants them she simply drops bag and walks off dismissing me.I tell her she is an ungreatfulgoat but I will see you next week. I have great pictures of her nabbing chips out my lap and getting the bag stuck on her nose. She truly brightings my day everytime I see my girlfriend.

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