It’s Turtle Season

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With record number of sea turtle nesting this year, please be mindful and respectful of their locations. It is mostly common sense and “wildlife courtesy,” but these 5 Ls sum up much of it:

  1. Lights.
    If you have a beach house, leave your porch light off at night. Try walking on the beach at night with your flashlight off. It makes the walk more fun.
  2. Litter.
    Don’t litter, and pick up any other beach litter. A plastic bag or bottle looks like food (e.g. a jellyfish) to a sea turtle. And it can no more digest it that you can.
  3. Lawn Chairs.
    And coolers, tents, etc. Bring everything in off the beach at night. They create an obstacle course for a sea turtle coming ashore to nest.
  4. Leave Them Alone. 
    As for all wildlife, observe sea turtles on the beach quietly and at a distance.
  5. Let the Right People Know.
    Let the National Park Service, N.E.S.T., NC Wildlife Resources Commission Sea Turtle Project, etc. know if you observe a turtle nesting or in trouble. 

This excerpt by author Ernie Marshall was originally printed in the The Coastland Times, Sunday August 7, 2016. 

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