A Day At The Beach – Locals Reveal Their Secret Spots Along Outer Banks Shores

My Outer Banks Home decided to ask a few local residents about their favorite beach accesses. What we found didn’t surprise us. Asking locals about their favorite spots to park their beach chairs is like asking them for the nuclear codes – or at least the exact directions to their favorite fishing hole or crabbing spot.

These accesses – whether they are along the ocean or the sound – are in fact so secretive that it took more than just asking the 10 people profiled here to get the answers. But those willing “to spill the beans” provided us with their favorite secret spots that stretched from as far north as the North Carolina-Virginia line to the southern outskirts of Ocracoke, and points in between. Here’s what they had to say.

locals secret spot

Leslie Kappes

Owner of Outer Banks Comedy Club
“Ocean Bay Boulevard Beach Access at MP 8.5 in Kill Devil Hills is my favorite. It’s a quick 5-minute drive from our home in Colington Harbor and it has plenty of paved parking, outdoor showers, and a bathhouse. It also has a lifeguard, a wooden walkway, and pet waste bags. Plus it has a convenient beach store right across the street for snacks or anything else that might be needed, including gas.”

Joseph LS Terrell

Local author of 11 books including the “Harrison Weaver” mystery series, which takes place on the Outer Banks
“My favorite access is called the Boiler. I’ve mentioned it in a couple of my books. You’ll find it a couple miles south of the Bonner Bridge on Highway 12. They have bathroom facilities (Pea Island Visitor Center) and a nature trail on the west side of the highway. It also doesn’t hurt that I caught my largest bluefish in the surf there a few years ago on Thanksgiving.”

locals secret spot
outer banks locals secret spot

Brittany Bair

Kitty Hawk resident
“The end of Tateway Road in Kitty Hawk is my favorite [sound] access. There is a multi-use path that runs through it, so it’s great for both jogging and biking.”

Monica Jones

Owner of Monica Services LLC, Manteo
“Nothing beats the sunrises at the Kitty Hawk Pier, and in my opinion, it’s the most beautiful spot on the Outer Banks.”

locals secret spots
outer banks locals secret spot

Audrey Montague

Manteo resident
“Without a doubt, it’s the Carova 4X4 area. The beaches there are clean and feel untouched. It’s like you’re in your own little world. Wild horses can be playing next to you in the water. It’s as peaceful as the beach gets.”

Brittney Smrdel

Kitty Hawk resident
“I would have to say Bonnett Street in Nags Head is my favorite beach access. It has everything you need like plenty of parking, a newly built bathhouse with showers and bathrooms. It also happens to be near the Lucky 12, one of my favorite places to eat….and maybe even have a beer.”

outer banks locals secret spot
outer banks locals secret spot

John Bennett

Kill Devil Hills resident
“My favorite beach access is down around MP 22 where the Laura Barnes Shipwreck is. It’s called Coquina Beach. I like it for several reasons. First off, it has a ton of parking. The beach is also very clean and it’s got a great bathhouse and outside showers so you can get the sand off before getting in the car to head back home. The other reason I like it is because it’s not very crowded. Or wasn’t before this article.”

Tony Lombardi

Kitty Hawk resident
“The best beach access is Ramp 59 on Ocracoke Island. There is easy access by 4-wheel drive. Good wave action and nice slough, perfect at tide changes. Of course, not everyone can get there though. That’s the best part of this access. It’s oftentimes secluded.”

locals secret spots
locals secret spot

Julia Yeingst

Frisco resident
“The best beach access by far on Hatteras Island is at 49 Ramp in Frisco. The ramp is easily accessible with 4-wheel drive and most importantly, there is a ton of fish here to be caught! It’s not only my favorite beach access. It’s my favorite fishing spot!”

Greg Smrdel

Writer, comedian, and all-around good guy
“I too have a favorite beach access. Mine is at the Bladen Street beach access in Nags Head at the site of the USS Huron wreck. As a kid, our family rented two different houses between the highways off Bladen Street. Later when I moved to the Outer Banks, I lived behind the Ace Hardware at Milepost 11 on W. Lost Colony Drive. I would often head to this beach access of my youth to spend my days off. This is also the place where I’ve instructed my wife to one day bury my ashes so I can enjoy this spot for all of eternity.” ♦

outer banks locals secret spot

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