Portable Beach Picnics

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When it’s time to pack the cooler for the beach, that ham and cheese sandwich can get pretty boring…pretty quickly. But picnics – whether on the beach or anywhere else you happen to find yourself enjoying the great outdoors this summer – don’t have to be the same old, same old. With these great recipes from a few of our staff members here at Three Dog Ink Media, and a little creative packing, you’re sure to enjoy a perfect picnic by the sea….

Southern Pickled Shrimp Cocktail Salad

By Mary Ann Williams

This delightfully light and tasty twist on shrimp cocktail salad is sure to become a summertime favorite. It’s a fresh, healthy alternative to the typical “sub and chips” picnic that is often hauled to the beach. Packed neatly in a Mason jar, this pickled picnic is convenient, easy to carry and virtually “sand proof.” And if shrimp isn’t your thing, remember that Mason jars are the perfect picnic containers for everything from a delicious Caesar salad to fruit medley. (Fills 4 pint-sized mason jars) 



Chile Lime Mahi Wraps

By Kevin Groat

While I am no chef, I do run the kitchen in my house, and since living on the Outer Banks, I have come to appreciate what lovely seafood the area has to offer. Acknowledging great local seafood means that simplicity is key, and with this recipe, you let the Mahi Mahi be the star, complemented with textures and enhancing fresh flavors. This is my version of a fish taco, wrapped up and made to be on the go or taken to the beach with ease. I chose Mahi Mahi, but it
really can be made using any seafood you wish. (Makes 6 wraps) 


chili lime mahi-mahi wraps

Sea-Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Jane Fiedler

My kids’ eyes would brighten with anticipation as they walked in the house and got a whiff of the cookies baking in the oven. Next, they would quickly look around the kitchen to see if any had been released from the oven yet. It was the smell of home. Raising my kids near the beach, everything seemed a little bit saltier and in my family, cookies were a favorite snack for the beach to contrast the salty environment. (Makes 21 LARGE cookies) 



Drink Pink: Summer Rosé Cocktails

By Sue Colao

With summer now in full swing, you can be sure we’ll be drinking pink like a boss – and so should you. We’re talking about the light, crisp, dry, and oh-so-delightful Rosé. But don’t confuse Rosé with its overly-sweet cousin, White Zinfandel – that fruity, uninspired beverage reminiscent of the wine coolers you used to sneak in high school. Rosé is a brighter, drier, crisper wine, and its popularity beyond the Hamptons and Miami continues to rise – complete with inspired social media hashtags such as #drinkpink, #yeswayrosé, and #summerwater.

With its light, refreshing taste, Rosé may become your favorite summer drink too. It is equally perfect for an afternoon brunch, a backyard barbeque, or a day at the beach. And don’t let that light pink color fool you – even guys are getting on board with the pink stuff now (#brosé). So while a chilled glass of Rosé is perfect anytime and can easily stand on its own, why not kick it up a notch and use it in a cocktail? Well, wonder no more. To assist in your day-drinking endeavors at the beach, here are two mixed Rosé concoctions to get you started. Make pitchers of these ahead of time, keep chilled, and serve them up over ice when you’re ready to drink!



Rosé spritzer

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