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Builders of the first two NAHB Certified Green Homes on the Outer Banks! High performance homes use the best materials & building science providing energy efficiency & durability. Focusing on water conservation, indoor air quality, renewable resources.

Because housing accounts for more than one-fifth of all the energy used in the United States, we build energy efficient homes. This is a moral commitment to reduce our energy bite from the Earth as much as possible. Therefore, every home we build is certified at a minimum to the ENERGY STAR standard. As energy costs continue to rise, this emphasis on energy efficiency will become increasingly important to your pocketbook and will add value to your home.

Our passion is building high performance energy efficient homes when our clients are so inclined. This means building above the ENERGY STAR requirements and certifying the home to one of the nationally recognized green building programs. We have recently completed (June 2010) the first two homes on the Outer Banks certified to the NAHB GREEN BUILDING STANDARD, the only ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified green building program in the country for new residential construction.