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Albemarle Landscapes, Inc. is a locally owned company established by an Outer Banks local, Chase Patterson, in 2008. He is now among the top leaders in the landscaping and tree service industry in our community. Albemarle Landscapes has grown to become an all-inclusive landscaping company with a growing tree service who takes pride in their work and is dedicated to the success of each project’s outcome.

Nothing can brighten up the exterior of a home like professional landscape design and lawn care. Even the most beautiful home can benefit from consulting an Outer Banks landscaping contractor with years of experience on the Outer Banks. Albemarle Landscapes has served hundreds of local clients, in every facet of lawn care, from mowing the lawn, to contouring flower and shrub beds and delivering the perfect mulch or stone to highlight the current landscape. They can even install irrigation systems and hardscapes, be they walkways, patios, or anything else to make the most of your yard.

The professionals at Albemarle Landscapes have been providing tree care services and support since 2008, and they are familiar with the unique environment of the Outer Banks. If you would like to add a tree to your landscape, they can help you pick the right tree based upon the conditions present in your yard, and if the lot needs to be cleared, or a stump needs to be ground to make room for the new tree, they have the equipment and expertise to solve that as well. After the tree is planted, they will provide advice and maintenance, whether it is tree trimming or pruning that is needed, or simply what kind of mulch or fertilizer to use to watch your new tree flourish. Albemarle Landscapes can even deliver and install these tree care products.

If you have a tree that is posing a danger and needs to be cut down, their expert crew will use state of the art equipment for the safest tree removal on the Outer Banks. They will chip or cut the wood and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you have ever wondered what kind of landscape design options would be best for you, call Albemarle Landscapes today. Their team members would be glad to consult with you and give you recommendations and options on the best lawn care and landscape solution for your yard and home.


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