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While you are soaking up the sun and enjoying your carefree day at the beach, our lifeguards are perched in their stands keeping a vigilant watch over you and your loved ones. They have spent countless hours training, learning to swim in the rough surf, running mile after mile in hot sand, training in CPR and First Aid, and all for what?

To be there prepared, ready, and willing to save your life if danger rolls in.

Lifeguards are the definition of patience. On their good days, everything goes smoothly – they offer water safety advice, administer first aid, and field questions like, “When do they let the dolphins out?” But there are days that are often extremely difficult. Running into the water while everyone else is running out. Making split-second decisions and taking action to do everything they possibly can to save people that are in trouble. They have earned respect.

This isn’t an episode of Baywatch; the reality is the ocean is unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. We are at its mercy, and our Lifeguards make it possible for us to enjoy the wonders of our coastline. Please heed their warnings.

This summer on the Outer Banks, it seems to be the summer of the rip current. Sadly, it has taken a toll and several people have lost their lives. Everyone feels the ache when a life is lost at any time, but especially during what was supposed to be a fun beach vacation. We try to make sense of the tragedy, of the loss. We send our continued thoughts and prayers to those affected by these tragedies. It’s human nature to want to try to find someone or something to blame. Maybe it makes it easier to wrap our minds around the whys and hows. Two things are certain, the ocean demands respect and our Ocean Rescue teams, highly-trained lifeguards, and first responders will do everything in their power to keep you safe.

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