Spring Strawberry Salad Supreme

Spring Strawberry Salad Supreme
Colorful and tasteful salad sure to satisfy your spring appetite.
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  1. Mixed spring lettuce greens – romaine, red and green oak leaf, arugula, assorted lettuces
  2. Baby spinach greens
  3. Radicchio, julienned (It resembles red cabbage, but is a member of the chicory family. Totally different animal. Has a slightly bitter taste that pairs well with balsamic vinegar.)
  4. Basil and mint leaves, torn.
  5. Confetti mix of green, yellow, orange, and red peppers in a tiny dice
  6. Red onion, diced
  7. Candied pecans, recipe below
  8. Chèvre cheese, diced and rolled in a mix of chopped fresh parsley and freshly ground pepper
  9. Red and black grapes, halved
  10. Strawberries, thinly sliced
  11. Avocado, cubed and tossed in lime juice (for flavor and to prevent discoloration)
  1. As for the amounts of each ingredient, remember, this is a salad. It isn’t rocket science, so just mix and go.
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Rosie Hawthorne

Rosie Hawthorne is a blogger, gardener, wanderluster, and mother of three.  She learned to cook by watching Julia Child every Saturday afternoon on her 11-inch black and white TV with legal pad and pen in hand. For the Hawthornes, every meal is a celebration of life.

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