Unique & Unusual Clubs on the Outer Banks

Life on the Outer Banks has interests galore if you’re willing to look outside of the norm. Beauty and nature abound in every mile of our beach. If you are looking for something new, and to meet new people, here are some unusual groups that might trip your light fantastic. My Outer Banks Home hopes this helps motivate you to get out there and have some fun on our sandbar. We look forward to seeing you out and about!

Ship Wreck Diving

Not exactly a formal, organized group, but rather a group of enthusiasts who go on scuba diving trips to explore the numerous shipwrecks of the Outer Banks. After all, there is a reason why we are known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” The group is active between May and September each year. Organization is handled through Roanoke Island Outfitters and Dive Shop in Manteo, roanokeislandoutfittersanddivecenter.com. For details, contact Pam Landrum at 252-473-1356 or by email at riodiving@yahoo.com. Go shiver some timbers! 

Dream Group

This is a group of spiritually inclined folks who find direction in the interpretation of dreams in their life’s guidance. Need some insight into what your subconscious is trying to tell you? Your dreams may hold the key. The Dream Group will help you understand. Meetings are held once a month. Contact Pat Wilson at 252-261-5224 for more information.

Outer Banks Shag Club

This group is a social club passionate about Carolina beach music and dance. Who knew? If you don’t, they’ll teach you the shag dance skills you need. The dance craze started in the ‘70s in Myrtle Beach. Currently, there are 94 shag clubs on the east coast, ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania. If you stop by Duck Woods Country Club in Southern Shores any Monday night from 6:00-9:00, you too can dance your heart out to the DJ’s beach beats. Dinner and drinks are available. In addition to all this fun, this group also holds charity events for local fund-raising. Further information can be found at obxshagclub.com and facebook.com/shagobx.

Outer Banks Fiber Guild

In existence since 2000, this organization is devoted to fiber art work, which includes, but not limited to, quilting, knitting, weaving, spinning, dyeing, crocheting, and silk painting. Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month. The guild also holds frequent workshops on fabric techniques and skills, along with some social events. Contact Lilly Keith at lilly.keith1@gmail.com for further information. Newbies are always welcome.


The Outer Banks is one of those incredible areas blessed with migratory birds year round, yet there are currently no organized clubs dedicated to the hobby. Step up, Birders! Get your group together, formally organize, and make the commitment. Until then, the best we have is a fantastic bird-walk every Friday morning at 8:00 at the Pea Island Visitor’s Center. Call Peggy Eubanks 252-987-2394 for further details. Also, Sea Birding information is available at patteson.com or email: hatteraspetrel@gmail.com

OBX Ultimate Frisbee

An activity/social group that host a weekly ultimate frisbee pickup game each Monday night at 7 at the Dare County Recreational Facility located at 602 Mustian St in Kill Devil Hills. It’s open to all! Bring a white and dark shirt along with a friend. More information and how to play can be found at facebook.com/groups/obxultimate.

OBX Paddlers’ Club

Formed in 1990, this is a diverse group of approximately 120 folks who enjoy the full variety of paddling activities in both Dare and Currituck Counties. The club meets monthly to share experiences, plan future club activities and to listen to presentations on kayaking topics. Membership information and access is found at: obxpaddlers.org and facebook.com/groups/OBXPaddlers. All ages and skill levels welcome.


Gather with a conscious community of Outer Banks women dedicated to inspiring and empowering each other to live their best life. You’ll enjoy monthly guest speakers from OBX business professionals. Knowledge, support, and inspiration is what they offer. Their FaceBook page is: facebook.com/tribeobx/

North Carolina Beach Buggy Association

If you want to roll on the beach in your 4WD, socialize with some great people that you’ll soon call friends, surf fish and do some beach preservation and conservation, this is the group for you. Established in 1964, the NCBBA is “dedicated to the preservation of and vehicular access to the natural beach resources of the Outer Banks through conservation, a code of ethics for beach behavior and support of local, state, federal officials and other organizations dedicated to these same goals”. They also host a popular Red Drum Tournament each fall. Further information can be found at: ncbba.org or facebook.com/ncbba.

Outer Banks BeeKeepers’ Guild

These folks keep “buzzzy” in the apiarian arts. All kidding aside, they’re serious about loving bees and caring for them. All age groups are involved. Monthly meetings are held at the Kill Devil Hills Library. Amazing bee facts from these folks include: “One teaspoon of honey took 12 bees their entire lives to produce.” Membership details and further information at outerbanksbeekeepers.com and facebook.com/outerbanksBeekeepers. Or contact Denise Deacon at dmdeacon@embarqmail.com.

Kill Devil Derby Brigade

Need more exercise in your life? Want a crazy-cool nickname like “Feendish,” “SheRa” or “Pain Angel”? Are you female and over 18? Then flat track Roller Derby might be for you. No skating experience is even needed. These gals vent their aggression and have some major fun as the Kill Devil Derby Brigade, part of the Flat Track Roller Derby League. They practice Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 at Aviation Park in Kill Devil Hills. Their website is:  killdevilderbybrigade.com and facebook.com/killdevilderbybrigade. Email: thekilldevilderbybrigade@gmail.com. Opportunities also exist for referees (”zebras”) and enthusiastic fans!

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  • Kacey

    Great job Becky! Love it!

  • Bj keifer

    No Theatre of Dare?

    • Ardis Leister

      As if the Outer Banks aren’t tempting enough for all those that don’t live there, you had to go and make them look and sound even better!!

      I am not an Iowa transplant but definitely a WANT A BE!!

      Have it on my Bucket List! Thanks for the inspiration!

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