What’s On Your Christmas List?

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Christmas is just around the corner and that means almost everybody on the Outer Banks is out shopping for friends and loved ones. And maybe even hoping for a little something for themselves under the tree this year. We asked a random sampling of Outer Bankers what they wanted for Christmas.
Here’s to hoping that Santa keeps their lists in mind this coming holiday.


rabiah hodges

Rabiah lives in Nags Head Woods, where for the past two years she’s been cultivating a prolific medicinal herb garden. When she’s not practicing and preaching herbal detoxification, she runs her own shoe company – Chameleon Clogs. If she could have anything she wanted for Christmas she’d like to be able to provide for anyone that needs her. But her second choice would be to have a bigger and better garden. “I’d love to add to my medicinal herb collection and become a detoxification specialist. Training, supplies, herbs, and a greenhouse to grow my own. But it would take a village to help me get to that goal. So maybe Santa?”

BJ Keifer

When we asked Bj, a Kill Devil Hills Postal worker, what she wanted for Christmas she wanted to know, “Realistic or unrealistic?” Realistically, she’s hoping to make some repairs to her VW Beetle, affectionately named Spacepod. Spacepod was once the webcam car for the first Roswell New Beetle Show, and the 20-year-old diesel could now use a new interior. Unrealistic? “A Golden Pass for the Star Trek convention in Vegas next July. I’ve met a couple guys at smaller cons, but the Vegas one draws almost everyone; George Takei, Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Michael Dorn, Patrick Stewart.” Live long and prosper, Bj

rob jenkins outer banks

Rob makes a living on the Outer Banks by doing everything from event set-ups to children birthday parties, but what he really loves is film work. A new drone is at the top of his Christmas list. “It would allow me to film a lot more locally, and I’d really like to make a hurricane documentary. I want to help create a film industry down here; bringing in jobs in the winter.”

dianna vurchio

Dianna lives and works in Kitty Hawk and is the mother of two little boys, ages 7 and 4. “Being an adult I want things like financial security and for my kids to be happy and healthy. Materialistically, I’d like new clothes, new makeup brushes, and some movies.” Her little ones are hoping Santa brings them Yugioh cards and art supplies. Hopefully Santa saves some room in his sleigh for a few good make up brushes for Dianna.

april lovin-cain

April is a retired foster care supervisor who now spends her days living in Colington doodling on whelks, and hanging out with her seriously cute dog, Reefer. Her hope this holiday season? “A house full of family! My whole family used to gather at my house at Christmas when I lived in the middle of the state, but now I live too far away for them to come.”

letha mcdowell

Letha would love to have her kitchen remodeled this Christmas, but like many parents, she’s making sure her kid gets his Christmas wish first. Her son Liam is a third grader at Kitty Hawk Elementary school, and he’s hoping to find a new surfboard under the tree. “His surf board will definitely come before anything else. He’s working hard to earn it, getting A’s in all his classes and doing his chores without being told and with a smile. He did the Throwdown this year as his first competition and wants to do more. He’s hoping surfing will become an Olympic sport.”

marcel ramirez

Marcel is attending COA, working at Starbucks, and currently stage managing for the COA Wearable Art Fashion Show, but still somehow finds time in her day to learn new things. “I want a sewing machine. I’ve been involved in a lot of art hobbies because there’s never anything to do around here. I keep picking up new hobbies, but I haven’t learned to sew yet.” If Marcel gets her Christmas wish, she plans to use her new found sewing skills to design a cape with LED lights for the Wearable Art Fashion Show. Here’s hoping she gets one, because we all would like to see that.

colleen almoney

Colleen has lived on the Outer Banks for 13 years, and loves every minute of it.
“I brag about the OBX and our amazing community all the time!” She does some of that bragging in her annual Christmas card, and right now her biggest wish is to find OBX-themed cards with a reasonable price tag. “I shop locally, whenever possible, but I always have trouble with Christmas cards.” Somebody should get on this idea fast. We know we would buy some.

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