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It’s summer and we’re feeling playful. So how about a game of “Where Am I?” But we have added a twist. …and a stretch … and maybe a forward fold with a handstand or two?

Susan Krause, the self-proclaimed “traveling beach yogini” is going to showcase some of the famous (and not so famous locations) on the Outer Banks with her impressive yoga moves. Krause states that “part of my experience and purpose is to connect with the environment around me” and let that inspire the pose.

With each pose, we invite you to guess where the photo was taken … and then take a deep breath into the center of your most creative sense and look for the connection behind the pose and the art forms in nature (or man-made environments) that inspire each one…

#1 Pose: (Above) Side Plank Extension. Often Americans use the term “fitness” too separately from their body. My hope is that no matter how old I am I will be able to live in my body through yoga no matter what pose I can get into.

#2 Pose: (Below) Handstand (variation). The way I get most of my pictures is to approach someone on the beach and hand them my iPhone and ask them to snap a few shots. In exchange, I hand them a bookmark with my website (alohayogasusan.com). This photo was taken by a girl who was about 8 or 9 years old.



#3 This is not a yoga pose; it’s gymnastics really. My yoga style is influenced by gymnastics, surfing, and skateboarding. In all three sports, you have to use creativity and your body to express yourself. When I’m surfing, I am working with the natural flow of the wave. I start by recognizing the artform of the environment and work with any aspects that are already there.



#4 Pose: Crane. I see objects or aspects in nature that compel me to become art through a yoga experience. In the above photo, I am about 9 feet up in the air and over about 1 inch of water; and I was hoping a crane would fly by as I was holding the posture.



#5 Just for fun! I can connect with the environment around me even if it’s not in nature.The owner of this local business thought this photo was funny and even asked for a copy!



#6 Pose: Camel. Some people are very rigid about yoga, but I’m not into that. The analogy I like to use is that someone can know the name of a pose just like they can name the author and the title of a book. But unless you know what’s inside the book and what the story is, you’ve haven’t learned what’s important.Yoga6


#7 Pose: Crane. As this article interview was being conducted, Krause, age 42, mentions that she had just had a cast removed from her arm a mere 10 weeks ago but was already able to walk on her hands again. Krause states, “I have overcome insurmountable injuries with the help of yoga, both physical and mental.”



#8 Pose: Easy Pose. My trainer once told me that yoga is not always about the “Asana” or the posture. So being able to get into the pose is not the goal of yoga. It’s about being able to live in your body.



#9 Pose: Camel. Yoga is the most empowering way to live in your body on a holistic level. Some argue that yoga is anti-Christian but the word “Yoga” means ‘to yoke, to unite body, mind, and spirit.’ In fact, I have taught “Yoga for Christians” and was myself baptized again in the ocean during a springtime ceremony a few years ago. The spiritual intention that the yoga practitioner chooses to follow is his or her own unique path.


LOCATIONS: 1) Wright Brothers Memorial; 2) Avalon Pier; 3) At Liberty Christian Fellowship; 4) At Nags Head Woods where the walking trail leads to the sound; 5) TowneBank, Southern Shores; 6) Aviation Park- across from FFHS- at the public skate bowl; 7) Wright Brothers Memorial; 8) Bike path that connects Bay Drive and Colington Road; 9) Kitty Hawk Pier

Susan Selig Classen

Susan Selig Classen has been living, writing, and editing on the Outer Banks for over ten years. Her other published work includes articles in AOPA Pilot, Convention South, and Brain Child magazines. Susan was formerly the editor for Three Dog Ink Media.

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